1979 Mattel USA Catalog

This was a catalog given to store managers, a vendor catalog, also called a dealer catalog, or salesman catalog with manufacturing numbers so store managers could order items to then sell in their stores. Individual pages are sometimes called sell sheets. All items in this catalog should have a packaging date of 1978 or earlier, the date on the Barbie box or fashion pack should be 1978 or earlier. At this time Mattel would design and copyright a doll or fashion with the year before it was first listed in a Mattel Catalog and sold. They would then list the doll or fashion for 2 or 3 more years in future catalogs so you may see the same item in several catalogs. As long as the item and box stayed the same so should the the item number, if there is any change to accessories or design there will be a new item number, if only the box changes the item number will stay the same but you may see a new assortment number. In the early superstar era this isn’t actually very confusing because there just weren’t many dolls and fashions introduced each year.Dolls and fashions listed in this catalog include:Superstar Ken item number 2211, Kissing Barbie item number 2597, Kissing Christie item number 2955, Pretty Changes Barbie item number 2598, Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie and friendsBarbie Best Buy Fashions 2767, 2768, and more Barbie Designer Originals, Barbie Fashion Add-Ons, Barbie Fashion Favorites, Barbie Fashion Collectibles, The first appearance if the yellow three-piece Barbie Dream House (I had the later version with pink furniture and appliances)The photographs in this catalog are similar to production, press or prototype information so the actual dolls and fashions sold in store might be slightly different have different colors, etc. In superstar era there could be a lot of different fabrics each different one called a variation. Special editions and store exclusives may not be listed here, you can see a few of these in the Exclusives book pages I list on my website. To see them all you will have to purchase the entire Exclusives book. I no longer share catalogs without the website name on them because people posted my images on Facebook and Pinterest without giving me credit. You are welcome to download and repost catalog pages with the watermark on them. A link back to my website is also appreciated.