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I hope to have a Questions & Comments page up soon where you can leave your questions to be answered without having to create a membership. My plan is to use Guestbook code, but I want to maker sure it won’t create a lot of spam.

Until that’s up you can send me an email at barbiereference [at] yahoo [dot] com Or comment below.

32 thoughts on “Guestbook Coming Soon

  1. Hi! I really appreciate all those Mattel Catalogs, I really love those pictures.

    Can you send me the Disney Princess pages from this catalogs without the water marks, please? (I’m interested in the 1990’s and early 2000’s)
    I don’t want to re-publish them or anything, I really love those pictures and I would love to have them for my collection.

    Thank you so much for everything.

    1. I am sorry I cannot do that because of negative past experiences. I am sure you are a good person and it is not fair that you have to suffer because of dishonest others but I have to say no to all requests now. But you can download all my images for free. And all catalogs should show manufacturer item numbers or official doll names and year of catalog will ease your path to finding pictures of dolls on internet.

  2. I love your website! Thank you for all those Mattel Catalogs, but I noticed that some of them are missing the “Disney Princess” dolls pages, like the 1997 catalog.

    Can you upload the missing pages, please? Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment!! I am working on 1997 right now. Please be patient because I am in U.S.A. and many businesses are closed. I cannot use store with high speed scanning machine so I have to use my single page inkjet printer with scanner at home.

    2. I’m done scanning the Mattel 1997 missing pages and it’s on my to-do list to upload them but I have to upgrade the whole website database first so it will take some time please be patient

  3. Hi,

    Regarding the 1992 Arco catalog, it’s my understanding that American Gladiator toys are also featured in that. Could I trouble you for some scans or shots of the pages? Thank you for your consideration!

    1. There are just 4 pages showing 2 water pistols and a 2 dress up sets. I have scanned the pages and they are on my to-do list to upload but I have to update the database first so it will take a while

  4. Hi,
    Love this site. I posted it on my FB Barbie group to help them identify clothes, shoes, or accessories. Thank you!

  5. Hi!

    I really appreciate your website and its content especially the Mattel and Arco Catalogs! I saw that you posted some scans from 1993 & 1990 Arco Girls Catalogs but I cannot see them on your website. Have you planned to post the entire catalogs?

    Thank you!

    1. I’m done scanning the Arco 1990 book 1, book 2, and barbie fashion books missing pages and it’s on my to-do list to upload them but I have to upgrade the whole website database first so it will take some time please be patient. Also there maybe other 1990 Arco catalogs out there for Boys toys, Disney plush, Disney toddlers, etc. I don’t own them and actually haven’t seen any but I know they do exist for 1995. I still need to finish scanning Mattel 1993 but plan on doing so

    1. Welcome! I don’t own any Barbie Bazaar magazines. I do check ebay for them but they are surprisingly expensive. If I do buy any I will add to the website.

  6. Thank you so much for scanning all of these catalogs! You are absolutely heavenly for sharing these images. I’ve always wanted to see inside the catalogs listed on ebay, but mostly could only get a glimpse of whatever few pages the sellers upload. Thank you again so much for taking the time to upload them all. I’m gardenofdolls on tumblr and will give credit to you when I post images there : )

  7. Thank you so much for these resources. I am hunting a certain outfit and I now suspect (hope) it is in the 1998 arco catalogue which I will try and acquire.

  8. My site ( is 15+ years old, and I fully acknowledge the limitations. I didn’t have access to high quality scans. The way I organized it made sense to me, but I appreciate that you have a different approach. I just don’t understand why you felt the need to make judgmental comments. I would have taken my site down 10 years ago if people hadn’t asked me to keep it available.

    Now that you have created a more up-to-date reference, I am happy to retire mine. Thank you for the work you have done!

    1. I apologize for my rudeness. I have edited my article to remove those comments. I have also included links to your new website.

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  11. Thank you very much for sharing your 2010 catalog. It helped me to identify some miscellaneous clothing items from my daughters’ collection.

  12. I appreciate your effort in putting up this website so much. I have been looking for full toy-line product list of Barbies during the Fashion Fever years (2004-2009), but have not been able to find them anywhere else on the internet. I looked into the mattel’s own product website page by page, but could not gather good information. Your catalogs here are so much help for me to identify and collect the dolls and fashion pacts of this famous series. I can image it must be uneasy to gather these sell sheets. I look forward to see more sell sheets here for the years of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. That would be even a greater help. Thank you so much!

    1. Yes Fashion Fever is hard to find. I do have some sell sheets and will post them soon. I am always looking for these on Ebay and at conventions.

  13. Hello, I like this website layout and how you’ve organized things, it’s always nice to see how stuff like this works. This is going to sound strange, but I have a trade offer for Mattel catalogs. I have the 2006 Mattel Dealer Catalog (with sell sheets), 2008 Mattel Catalog, and 2009 Mattel Catalog (Spring/Fall Focus PowerPoint). All are which are on CDs, both Boys and Girls, both Spring and Fall (2008 doesn’t specify which though). I am looking for the 2007 Mattel Catalog, 2010 Mattel Catalog, and potentially others. I’ve noticed you have those years listed on here. My offer is that we exchange copies of different catalogs for mutual benefit. For context, I’m attempting to archive information regarding Hot Wheels releases, so specifically I’m looking for the Boys Catalog of the mentioned years, if you have those. If you find this offer agreeable, please reach out. Thank you!

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