website uses box dates, that is the year on the box is the year they are listed under, *not* the year they are first listed in Mattel’s Vendor catalog and the year they are first sold. This can be a problem for people like me who are trying to find that favorite Barbie outfit they know they got for their 8th birthday as soon as it was in the store, so just keep in mind the years on this website are the years before they were actually sold.

This website has been around for years. I think that’s why the quality of the pictures are so low. The site is good for finding the item numbers of fashion avenue packs. With the box year and item number it’s easy to find high resolution images of most fashions with a simple web search on But I’m not satisfied with this so I started my own version of a guide to Fashion Avenue with high resolution images sorted by the year the fashions were first pictured in Mattel Catalogs and sold in stores, and by the type like Party, Deluxe or Denim. You can read more about my own Fashion Avenue guide here.