This website has been around for years. but is now closed. The collection is now moved to Model Muse Wiki here. As part of the fandom website their guide is much faster to load than mine. The site is organized differently than mine and includes fashions I don’t. You can read more about how it’s organized here. They also include images of the in box booklets, something I don’t have up yet! was a great site and the only place to find a comprehensive list for many years. I apologize for my earlier article that I realize now was very rude. I hope the people behind one of the original Barbie fan-based sites will expand their new site and enjoy many more years of success.







*I refer to all sources with they/them/their even when they use what seems like a definable male or female name, avatar, etc. I do this because I want to be respectful of people I don’t know and to respect the anonymity and privacy of others.