Night Looks Rock Concert Dress 2

aBarbie and her friends have full social calendars, and so, naturally, they are always on the lookout for the perfect look to paint the town pink! This fashion pack offers options for the fashion conscious friends to head out for a night of girl talk, girl fun and all things girl with two fashions and fun accessories. Raquelle doll will dazzle in one of two spectacular outfits that sparkle with golden details and subtle sass. A formal knee-length gown features a golden gathered body with black one-shoulder bodice. A puffy sleeve and pink trim add bold style, and a short silhouette is a perfect party statement with a flouncy skirt featuring elaborate golden print and paired with a pink halter top. On trend accessories include two amazing pairs of shoes (in choice of pink or black) and trend-topping golden necklace. Either outfit will rock with the pink guitar bag that features a twisted neck for a handle. Mix and match with other friends, fashions and accessories to expand the possibilities. Doll not included.
Q: Why no detailed description?
A: Time. I want to get as many identified pictures up as soon as possible. I am using the categories and tags as keywords that show up at the bottom of each page. This will make searching by keywords such as pink, skirt, boots, plaid etc. productive even when I don’t have time to write a full description. If there is a description on or I will include that
Information from my Mattel 2014 Spring USA Catalog: N4855 Barbie Fashion Assortment UPC Code 027084-67459-0 DOM Price $8.35 DI Price $7.40 Avail 2014 Ages 3Y+ Cs Pk 6