My Fab Fashions Summer

aEvery fashionista, including Barbie and her glam gang of girls, loves an opportunity to expand her wardrobe! With three complete outfits this doll and fashion gift set offers more options for the fashion conscious friends to fill their closets. Summer doll is dressed in a sporty graphic sweatshirt paired with cute capri pants. Her outfit gets a little extra loving with a heart appliqued headband, heart shaped handbag, necklace, wristwatch and strappy heels. Other fashionable options include a tank paired with an A-line checkered mini or a fitted dress with a blue glittery top and check-print bottom. Each additional outfit comes with fab accessories like sunglasses, a wristlet, necklaces and strappy shoes. Tiny hangers are included so the clothes can be hung in the Dreamhouse closet when they’re not being worn. Mix and match among the friends and fashions to create the perfect look, just like in real life. With multiple points of articulation, Summer not only looks extremely fashionable, but she can strike glam fashion poses as well. Makes an ideal gift set! Name subject to change. Lots of looks for Summer! She comes with 2 additional outfits and tons of amazing accessories!
Q: Why no detailed description?
A: Time. I want to get as many identified pictures up as soon as possible. I am using the categories and tags as keywords that show up at the bottom of each page. This will make searching by keywords such as pink, skirt, boots, plaid etc. productive even when I don’t have time to write a full description. If there is a description on or I will include that.
Q: Why don’t you have keywords for all items in this complete fashion pack or doll and fashion set?
A. Time and organization and avoiding confusing search results. I will add keywords to the complete post only when there is also an individual post for an item. If I have a complete post like Varsity Look Fashion Pack with multiple pieces of Barbie clothes, shoes, and accessories I will add keywords like brown, heels, dress, floral, etc. only for the fashions, shoes or accessories that have their own posts. This helps me keep track of what items in the fashion pack I have individual pictures for and which I still need to find. This also keeps the search results useful. When you search “pink heels” you want to see a bunch of close-up pictures of just pink heels, not a bunch of pictures of fashion packs that you then need to click on and then try to figure out what in that fashion pack you are really looking for. This is especially a problem with some fashion packs where you can’t easily see everything, or doll boxes where you can’t see the shoes at all.
Information from my Mattel 2014 Fall USA Catalog: BFW20 Barbie My Fab Fashions Doll & Assortment UPC Code 748775-31562-7 DOM Price $12.45 DI Price $12.45 Avail 2013-11-15 Ages 3Y+ Cs Pk 6 Mattel 2014 Spring USA Catalog: Same as Fall except Avail 2014a