Fashion Avenue Party 1999

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The Party line has a different inside of package background, white with grey pencil line scenes of a bedroom and a coat rack style mannequin and tables to “hold” the accessories. The big difference is in the back of the package design for Party, Evening Wear, Matchin’ Styles, Ken, and Lingerie. Gone are the “runway” or “snapshot” designs. Instead there is more of a checklist feel to the design with fashion line names at the top and the fashions in a long column, but there are so many fashions missing that it just doesn’t work. That’s understandable because there are so many more fashions but then why choose this design. In 2000 the package design will change even more. There are still columns of fashions from several lines, but they are mixed up and without the line names it looks much better.
Pretty, realistic party outfits for any of Barbie doll’s glamorous festivities. Glamorous evening dresses with matching bags and shoes for Barbie to wear no special occasions.
Assortment Number 18155
Item Number 20589
Item Number 20591
Item Number 20592
Item Number 20595
Item Number 22879 – Re-design of 1998, not in catalog pictures.
Item Number 22924
Item Number 23118
Item Number 23119
Above text adapted from 1999 Mattel USA and UK Vendor Catalogs. is a work in progress. I want to get up as many images as soon as possible. This Fashion Avenue post includes in-package images of all fashions in this line for this year. Posts for each fashion pack, and it’s contents (dresses, shoes, accessories) will be added when they are available.
There are major differences between
Fashion Avenue line names and years and other websites read about them here.