Shopping Sisters Hilary Duff Bag

aHilary Duff doll has a dark blue hobo style shoulder bag with lots of molded detail. I can’t tell if it’s a solid piece or opens. If it opens I think it would be a slit at the top not that the flap opens. The dark blue goes really well with the denim jeans. The molded detail gives a stitching look to the strap, and flap. It looks like there is a strap that goes over the flap ending in a large letter B in contrasting bronze color on the front. There are also raised features on the front with stitching detail. These features look like pockets but I am sure they are not actually working pockets. Still the molded detail is super tiny and extraordinary giving the look of a flap and button closure for each little pocket! This more than makes up for the purse possibly being a solid piece of plastic and not a working open and closing purse.
Recording artist, TV and film star and philanthropist sister Hilary Duff loves to shop! This trend setting doll is dressed in the latest fashions and comes with a Barbie branded t-shirt and accessories! Shopping is even more fun when your pet comes along, doll also comes with a dog and a dog carrier.
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