Shopping Sisters Hilary Duff Nail Polish

aHilary Duff doll has straight honey blonde waist length hair. Make-up/ make up/ makeup playset pieces include a hot-pink colored bottle with bronze / gold colored cap, that has a pretty hour glass shape. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a second perfume bottle, shampoo bottle or lotion bottle, so I’m just calling it a generic makeup container. There is also a nail polish bottle that has a clear frosted bottom and gold top, and a bronze / gold colored lipstick with lid that comes off and on. I haven’t seen the pictures of the lipstick with the lid off so I can’t tell if it is bronze / gold colored on the inside or red.
Recording artist, TV and film star and philanthropist sister Hilary Duff loves to shop! This trend setting doll is dressed in the latest fashions and comes with a Barbie branded t-shirt and accessories! Shopping is even more fun when your pet comes along, doll also comes with a dog and a dog carrier.
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