Ayrton G.

I have followed Ayrton G. at flickr.com for over 3 years. Their(*) username on flickr is MyMonsterHighWorld, but they share a lot more than just Monster High photographs. They share some impressive before and after photographs. I like when they put the after dolls in their original outfits, it gives you a good idea of how the original looked out of the box. If you are a jealous person do *not* look through their flea market finds album! I never find anything close to as good as the flea market treasures Ayrton G. has, but looking at the photographs inspires me to keep searching at the same time so I get jealous-hopeful instead of jealous-angry. It’s clear from Ayrton G.’s photographs that they have an artistic talent. Some flickr users indulge their artistic vision to a point that the photographs become useless for people like me who are searching flickr to identify dolls clothes and accessories. Ayrton G.’s photographs never cross the line. They are beautiful and informative. Ayrton G. puts lots of information in the description which really helps me with identification and they reply to comments by other users.In my opinion Ayrton G. is a great flickr source for all fashion dolls, not just Monster High.

I encourage everyone to click here and view their flickr page. They also have instagram and tumblr. Here is an album of all their images that I have downloaded to my own collection, but not all of them have a post yet. I’m not planning on adding posts for all them but think they are useful.

*I refer to all sources with they/them/their even when they use what seems like a definable male or female name, avatar, etc. I do this because I want to be respectful of people I don’t know and to respect the anonymity and privacy of others.