Pop Concert Shoes

aThe pop concert set includes four fabulous fashion pieces that mix and match so girls can really express their own styles: a “pretty” purple sweater with black stitching, a black mesh-covered skirt, a gorgeous black sweetheart dress with satiny purple skirt and a white faux-leather vest. A glam pair of black cutout booties, statement necklace and smartphone purse work with each outfit in the pack. Includes four fashion pieces, one pair of shoes, one necklace and one purse.As a trendsetter, Barbie knows how to throw an outfit together, and as a fashion expert, she always has a backup in case her mood or the moment changes! This fashion pack makes the perfect addition to her wardrobe with two outfits and the perfect accessories to pull a look, and a story together. Girls will love playing out real-life experiences and dreaming up new possibilities with this fabulous line of clothing for Barbies. Designed with modern silhouettes, pretty fabrics and glam accents, the clothing will delight girls. With two outfits in each pack, this set is perfect for expanding her wardrobe and the possibilities for play! Fashions fit most Barbies.
The in package images of this fashion pack are shared by Royalty.Girl on their website royalty-girl.blogspot.com and hosted with permission on BarbieReference.com Read more about this amazing and generous fellow fashion doll fan here
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