Pink Carpet Chic Dress 1

aThis pack is perfect for walking pink carpets with two dresses in silver and pink: one with shimmery stripes and a mermaid silhouette, the other with polka dots and a full skirt. A silvery purse and pair of shoes are the perfect complement. Create a signature look that expresses your style, and mix it up when your mood changes. Collect them all for the ultimate mix-and-match fun!
The in package images of this fashion pack are shared by Royalty.Girl on their website and hosted with permission on Read more about this amazing and generous fellow fashion doll fan here
Q: Why no detailed description?
A: Time. I want to get as many identified pictures up as soon as possible. I am using the categories and tags as keywords that show up at the bottom of each page. This will make searching by keywords such as pink, skirt, boots, plaid etc. productive even when I don’t have time to write a full description. If there is a description on or I will include that
Information in my 2016 Mattel USA Spring Specialty Catalog: Marked “NEW” DNV39 Barbie Fashion 2 Pack Assortment (No CDU) UPC Code 887961-30814-3 DOM Price $7.50 Avail 2015-11-01 Ages 3Y+ Cs Pk 6 Name Subject to change. Full Assortment not shown.aa