Garden Party Dress

aDress Barbie doll for day or night in a fabulous dress! These trendy looks are perfect for expressing personal style and exploring endless stories with creative storytelling. Choose from versatile dresses that are sweet, sporty or chic. Get glam with trendy accents of color, cut-outs or shimmer! Find the perfect dress to fit your style and tell your stories, because with Barbie, you can be anything! Collect them all to mix and match and expand the storytelling fun. Includes one dress. Universal fit designed to fit most Barbie dolls.
Q: Why no detailed description?
A: Time. I want to get as many identified pictures up as soon as possible. I am using the categories and tags as keywords that show up at the bottom of each page. This will make searching by keywords such as pink, skirt, boots, plaid etc. productive even when I don’t have time to write a full description. If there is a description on or I will include that.