Fashion Avenue All Lines 2000

There are major differences between
Fashion Avenue line names and years and other websites read about them here.

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In 2000 the entire Barbie line got a new logo, similar to the original 1959 logo in that it’s cursive, but it’s at an angle and slightly different font. The Fashion Avenue line packages got a major re-design and new line names. Each fashion pack has a name in addition to an item number. The Trend City line continues, but instead of plastic nail tips, hair “jewels” intended for children are included. I can only find three of the six Trend City fashion packs shown in Sell Sheets for this year. There is no separate Lingerie line in the regular, sold at all stores, Fashion Avenue series, but there are lingerie and sleepwear fashions in both the Charm and Metro lines this year. There is a Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Fashion Avenue Lingerie Collection this year. There is no separate Bridal line in the USA this year, but one wedding gown is included with the Dazzle line, and three Bridal fashion packs sold exclusively in Europe and Canada. The denim line, called Blues, has several re-issues from 1999, and re-designs. This year the Kelly line includes fashion packs for Tommy, and “Baby sister of Barbie doll” is dropped from the line name. There are no Ken and Tommy fashions in the Matchin’ Styles line. The line is called Duo in the USA catalog, Matchin’ Styles in the UK catalog and USA Sell Sheets, but there is no line name graphic on the top of the package, and just “Barbie and Kelly” printed on the front. A new line Mix N’ Match debuted in 2000. It is shown in the Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets, but not the UK nor USA Vendor Catalogs. It includes two complete fashions, a cardigan or light jacket, along with lots of plastic and cardboard accessories. This year the Teen Skipper line is changed to just Skipper.

This years lines are: Charm (Sweet): Pretty, delicate fashions for Barbie doll with soft colors and sparkly highlights. The collection has a romantic feel, designed especially with younger girls in mind. Blues: The hippest, denim fashions for Barbie doll. The collection includes cool, casual styles and comes with the shoes and accessories. Metro: The coolest styles, fabrics and colors, designed to give Barbie doll’s wardrobe a hip new look. Trend City: A hip collection of trendy looks for Barbie doll, complete with hair gems and decorative stickers for the girl. Contemporary styles with cool hair gems Barbie doll and girls can share! Each fashion comes with for large and two small hair gems for hours of styling fun. Each fashion includes shoes and accessories. Dazzle (Evening Wear): Breathtaking, glamorous gowns for Barbie doll, including a beautiful bridal gown. A collection of breathtaking, floor-length gowns or Barbie doll, including a beautiful bridal ensemble. Each glamorous gown is designed to make Barbie doll the center of attention, featuring luxurious fabrics and elaborate detailing. Mix N’ Match: Incredibly detailed realistic fashions for Barbie doll with mix-and-match separates, so girls can create their own cool outfits. Matchin’ Styles (Duos): Cute matching fashions for Barbie and Kelly dolls. Girls will love dressing their favorite sisters and brothers in the same outfits! A collection of cute, matching fashions for Barbie and Kelly and Ken and Tommy dolls. Accessory Packs: A collection of detailed accessories for Barbie doll that girls can mix and match with a variety of fashions. Cool, realistic fashion accessories and play pieces designed to enhance Fashion Avenue fashions. Ken: Cool, realistic clothes that let Ken doll look great whether he’s playing a sport or just hanging out. Ken looks cool whether he is playing sport or just hanging out. Skipper: Hip, teen-inspired clothes to make Skipper doll the coolest girl in high school. Kelly: Adorable mix and match fashions for Kelly doll. Everything Kelly needs to look her very best, from a pretty party dress to a cute bug costume. The collection includes styles to let Kelly look her very best for every occasion, whether she’s going to school, playing at the beach, even dressing up for a costume party.
Above text adapted from 2000 USA Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets, Mattel USA and UK Vendor Catalogs.