Fashion Avenue Boutique 1996

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There are no line names on packages this year. My 1996 Mattel USA Vendor Catalog splits this into two groups called Cool Trend and Outerwear but they have the same assortment number and several fashions are re-used in 1997’s Boutique line.

Barbie doll’s hottest, trendiest and most glamorous fashions ever, with lots of realistic details. Cool Trend (Boutique), Denim, Outerwear (Boutique) and Short Glamour (Party) are part of a rolling mix which will be periodically refreshed. Each outfit has realistic details such as buttons and buckles
Assortment Number 14980 (A14364 International)
Item Number 14298 – Knitted sweater with chambray pants and red mittens. (International only.)
Item Number 14299 – Gold-colored parka with fur-like trim and leopard-print leggings.
Item number 14301 – Hot pink short rain slicker and boots with polka-dot “umbrella” and hat.
Item number 14399 – Colorful long coat with fringe trim plus matching belt and purse.
Item number 14360 – Turquoise two-piece suit with golden buttons, chain-like belt detail, purse.
Item number 14361 – Red turtleneck, sweater, plaid jumper, red tights, black boots, plaid purse.
Item number 14362 – Red corduroy shorts overalls, striped bodysuit, black tights, boots, backpack.
Item number 14363 – Color-blocked dress with daisies, matching beret, white lace over-the knee socks.
Above text adapted from 1996 Mattel USA Vendor Catalog. is a work in progress. I want to get up as many images as soon as possible. This Fashion Avenue post includes in-package images of all fashions in this line for this year. Posts for each fashion pack, and it’s contents (dresses, shoes, accessories) will be added when they are available.
There are major differences between
Fashion Avenue line names and years and other websites read about them here.