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These fashions are considered part of Fashion Avenue line by website I am including this page to help visitors and search engines find these fashions, but do not consider them part of the Fashion Avenue line.


These fashions have copyright year 2003 on their packages. They are not in the 2003 Mattel Vendor Catalogs, nor in the 2004 Mattel Vendor Sell Sheets I own. They are not in the 2003 German Mattel Booklets I own either. They fashion line names are Hip and Classique
2003 Classique
2003 Hip


These fashions have copyright year 2003 or 2004 on their packages and are labeled with their own fashion line name. They are all pictured in the 2004 Mattel Fall and Spring Sell Sheets I own. The line names are sometimes different in the Sell Sheets than on the package themselves. I will add links that go to their own assortment pages as soon as they are up, for now everything is on this post. My apologies for the long load time due to all the images.
2004 Beat Street (2003 Beat Street on other websites)
2004 Style (2003 on other websites)
2004 Trend (2003 Trend and 2004 Trend on other websites)
2004 Glamour (2003 on other websites)
2004 Royal Circle (Elegant in the 2004 Mattel Fall Sell Sheets)
2004 Ken (2003 on other websites)
2004 Diva Drive (2003 Diva Drive and 2004 Diva Drive on other websites)
2004 Accessories (Bonanza in the 2004 Mattel Spring Sell Sheets)

2003 Classique

2003 Hip

2004 Beat Street

2004 Style

2004 Trend

2004 Glamour

2004 Royal Circle

2004 Ken

2004 Diva Drive

2004 Accessories

*Edit: This article originally had my opinion about other websites. is “a labor of love” for me. It’s not a profitable website, it costs me time and money to make and work on it. It’s something I created and feel “ownership” for. When I imagined sharing these pictures and information with other doll collectors I pictured siting at my dinner table, covered with dolls, having a good conversation and a cup of coffee with a dear friend as we share memories and sort through our recent flea market finds trying to decide which dress goes with a doll. So much so that I forget that this website is actually viewed by strangers from all over the world and that my honest opinions can come across as rude and offend others. I apologize for that. I apologize for my words and in future will just give you the pictures and leave my personality out of this site. Thank you for your interest and support. Please feel free to come back and enjoy the website.