Natalie NHT

I have followed Natalie NHT at for over 3 years. They(*) are a great source of European versions of fashion dolls, toys, catalogs, advertisements the 1970s – 1980s. I encourage everyone to click here and view their flickr page. I have started uploading Natalie NHT’s Mattel Catalog to I want to upload only the pages that show things not in the USA version or that give a better or different view. I also promised them that I would add a link to their flickr page on all the images I share so that’s taking some time. You can see some of their images now live on the site here:

*I refer to all sources with they/them/their even when they use what seems like a definable male or female name, avatar, etc. I do this because I want to be respectful of people I don’t know and to respect the anonymity and privacy of others.