Teresa Dress

aThe Barbie Fashionistas are a very fashionable tribe of friends who love to embrace new trends. This season is all about playing with color, and these girls have jumped right in, looking brilliant in all shades of the rainbow. To add to their fashionably fierce wardrobes, they love to shop at unique boutiques that suit their unique styles. Each of these fabulous sets comes with three stylish outfits, three irresistible pairs of shoes and FAB accessories to mix and match from head to toe, just like arriving home from a shopping spree! Everything looks so FAB, these friends will always shop and never drop! The Mattel website description at the link below is actually for the Barbie and Summer giftsets released in 2013. Both 2011 Barbie and Teresa and 2013 Barbie and Summer sets have the same assortment number so they are meant to be connected, part of a multi-year series so I’m going to include the non-item number specific details of that description.
Q: Why no detailed description?
A: Time. I want to get as many identified pictures up as soon as possible. I am using the categories and tags as keywords that show up at the bottom of each page. This will make searching by keywords such as pink, skirt, boots, plaid etc. productive even when I don’t have time to write a full description. If there is a description on barbie.mattel.com or service.mattel.com I will include that.a