Shopping Sisters Hilary Duff

aHilary Duff doll has straight honey blonde waist length hair. She doesn’t have separately cut bangs, but her hair is styled to give the look of side swept bangs. She has translucent maroon sunglasses. The lenses and frames are the same color. She wears two necklaces one is a gold / bronze looking chain that appears to be wrapped around her neck twice with one loop close to the neck and the other down to her navel. The necklace is actually a chain made of individual links, not the usual plastic solid plastic loops made to look like links. She has a shiny gold collar necklace with heart shaped pendant that has a small red gemstone in the center. I believe this is one solid piece not a separate pendant that can swivel on the necklace. I also can’t tell if these two necklaces are separate or a single piece. Other jewelry includes a gold colored cuff bracelet that matches the other gold/bronze colored details. The bracelet has a diagonal windowpane check pattern molded into it making it look like its scratched into the bracelet. There are also little raised half ball details on the bracelet. I have seen this cuff bracelet on quite a few dolls although with different colors and finishes. The combination of carved in and raised details give it a really nice look. The Mattel catalog includes a second butterfly bangle bracelet that is not with the actually sold doll, but I have scene that bracelet in a My Scene playset. The cuff bracelet shown in the catalog is different with a punched out design. Her top is a cream colored tank top with cropped length maroon vest over it. The vest features shiny bronze colored threads giving it a pin stripe pattern. There are 4 buttons on the front, I believe these are just sewn on and not working buttons, but still a nicer detail than the usual sticker type decals. I can’t tell if the vest and top are a single piece that velcros in the back or if they are two separate pieces but I am calling them a single top in my description. She wears ankle cut straight leg, skinny jeans with goldtone stitching along the sides and ankles. There is more stitching at the waistline and on belt loops. Her jeans have actual belt loops! And a double wrap loop buckle belt that is bronze and black colored. I can’t tell if these are attached to the pants or you can actually unfasten it and remove, but I’m going to call it a separate piece. Hilary Duff comes with a second tank top. It is a brown glitter fabric with a pink vintage pony tail logo. The logo is large on the right side of the front of the top. The logo looks like it’s painted on, old and cracked, but I think this is the intention because the catalog shows the same. She has a cardboard / paper black shopping bag with the 2000s italic Barbie logo on front and white and pink outline of flowers around it. The sides and bottom are a pale pink that matches the logo, handles are black. Hilary comes with a cute little brown puppy that appears to be a chihuahua and wears a pink collar with grey circle pendant. The ears and belly are a cream color. The puppy carrier has pink colored wavy stiff straps. There are stickers on the side that have pink and white stripes and black silhouette of the Barbie pony tail logo with vintage cursive Barbie name and trademark circle. Make-up/ make up/ makeup playset pieces include a hot-pink colored bottle with bronze / gold colored cap, that has a pretty hour glass shape. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a second perfume bottle, shampoo bottle or lotion bottle, so I’m just calling it a generic makeup container. There is also a nail polish bottle that has a clear frosted bottom and gold top, and a bronze / gold colored lipstick with lid that comes off and on, a matching flip style cell phone. I can’t see if there is a slot for the dolls hand in the images I have. Phone does not have a sticker. The hairbrush she comes with is a pale pink round brush and reminds me of the standard 1980s style Barbie size brushes. This is very different from the tube shaped blow-dryer type brush shown in Mattel’s catalog. Her extra pair of shoes are pink high heels. They have a pointed toe and mary jane strap that goes across the front of the foot. The color is a pale pink that matches her dog carrier and is a nice counterpoint to the dark jeans, darker maroon top and brown tank top. She is wearing a pair of dark gold colored high heels the shade is a little darker than the belt. There are two criss cross straps across the vamp. The heels are open toe and the straps across the toes extend to behind the heel to give it a sling black. Her purse is a dark blue hobo style shoulder bag with lots of molded detail. I can’t tell if it’s a solid piece or opens. If it opens I think it would be a slit at the top not that the flap opens. The dark blue goes really well with the denim jeans. The molded detail gives a stitching look to the strap, and flap. It looks like there is a strap that goes over the flap ending in a large letter B in contrasting bronze color on the front. There are also raised features on the front with stitching detail. These features look like pockets but I am sure they are not actually working pockets. Still the molded detail is super tiny and extraordinary giving the look of a flap and button closure for each little pocket! This more than makes up for the purse possibly being a solid piece of plastic and not a working open and closing purse. The box has some great features. There is photo booth picture strip made of cardboard with 4 pictures, one a copy of the back of the box and 3 of other angles of the doll. there is also a small square card with a photo of the real Hilary and Haylie Duff. It looks like both can be removed from the box without damaging them or the box and I think they would great as bedroom posters in a diorama. The back of the box looks like a photograph of the backdrop to the photo booth picture strip piece.
Recording artist, TV and film star and philanthropist sister Hilary Duff loves to shop! This trend setting doll is dressed in the latest fashions and comes with a Barbie branded t-shirt and accessories! Shopping is even more fun when your pet comes along, doll also comes with a dog and a dog carrier.
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