Shopping Sisters Hilary Duff Necklace 1

aHilary Duff doll has straight honey blonde waist length hair. She wears two necklaces one is a gold / bronze looking chain that appears to be wrapped around her neck twice with one loop close to the neck and the other down to her navel. The necklace is actually a chain made of individual links, not the usual plastic solid plastic loops made to look like links. She has a shiny gold collar necklace with heart shaped pendant that has a small red gemstone in the center. I believe this is one solid piece not a separate pendant that can swivel on the necklace. I also can’t tell if these two necklaces are separate or a single piece. Other jewelry includes a gold colored cuff bracelet that matches the other gold/bronze colored details. The bracelet has a diagonal windowpane check pattern molded into it making it look like its scratched into the bracelet. There are also little raised half ball details on the bracelet. I have seen this cuff bracelet on quite a few dolls although with different colors and finishes. The combination of carved in and raised details give it a really nice look. The Mattel catalog includes a second butterfly bangle bracelet that is not with the actually sold doll, but I have scene that bracelet in a My Scene playset. The cuff bracelet shown in the catalog is different with a punched out design.
Recording artist, TV and film star and philanthropist sister Hilary Duff loves to shop! This trend setting doll is dressed in the latest fashions and comes with a Barbie branded t-shirt and accessories! Shopping is even more fun when your pet comes along, doll also comes with a dog and a dog carrier.
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