Fashion Avenue All Lines 1999

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There are major differences between
Fashion Avenue line names and years and other websites read about them here.

There is no separate Bridal line in the USA this year but two wedding gowns are included in the Evening Wear line. There were three Bridal fashion packs sold exclusively in Europe and Canada. There was also a Fashion Avenue line sold only in India. This is actually continuing a tradition of fashions and dolls sold only in India with significantly different packaging. I think this has to do with how Mattel sells it’s license in India. I noticed this is also common in The Philippines. Having really large country and cultural specific lines. Very different from the store specific, or less than 10 fashions in a line exclusives, in USA and Canada, and Europe. This year there is an exclusive line from Australia, based on designers. I really love this line, and it’s on my wish list. I was really glad to see this designer based trend return in the 2000’s era. There are no exact replicas from previous years, but several re-designs with changes in only colors.

The packaging for the Fashion Avenue gets a radical redesign during the 1999-2000 retail year. I have to say the new packaging was a big improvement for me. There’s nothing wrong with the 1996 – 1999 packages. I think they were extremely well designed and so effective at saying “This is 1990’s Barbie,” that they really had to change to look right with the new Barbie logo. The packages that have the 1990’s look have a different inside of package background, white with grey pencil line scenes of a bedroom and a coat rack style mannequin with slight variations of one or two curtains or wallpaper, and tables, columns, vanity, or cabinets to “hold” the accessories. Teen Skipper and Kelly lines background is slightly different. The big difference is in the back of package design for Party, Evening Wear, Matchin’ Styles, Ken, and Lingerie. Gone are the “runway” or “snapshot” designs. Instead there is more of a checklist feel to the design with fashion line names at the top and the fashions in a long column, but there are so many fashions missing that it just doesn’t work. That’s understandable because there are so many more fashions but then why choose this design. When the fashions switch to the 2000’s look there are still columns of fashions lines, but they are mixed up and without the line names it looks much better. The Trend City line has both the 1990’s and 2000’s look packaging.

There’s also an increase in “chip board” or very thin cardboard accessories. As an adult collector I have gained a whole new appreciation for these. I want to write an article about this one day, and part of my long term plans for this website is to scan and upload printable versions of these accessories.

Some of the images in this post are shared here with the permission of RoyaltyGirl. Learn more about their blog here. The India exclusive images were retrieved from website you can read more about it here.

1999 lines are: Boutique: A wardrobe of trendy looks for Barbie doll with lots of realistic fashion details. Each is a complete outfit with matching shoes and a fashion accessory. Cool daytime fashions with trendy accessories that Barbie can wear anywhere. Party: Pretty, realistic party outfits for any of Barbie doll’s glamorous festivities. Glamorous evening dresses with matching bags and shoes for Barbie to wear no special occasions. Lingerie: Dreamy, feminine sleepwear and lingerie for Barbie doll. Now Barbie has her own beautiful, luxurious lingerie to make her wardrobe complete! Denim: Barbie doll’s own line of realistic, detailed, trendy denim. Matchin’ Styles: Cute matching fashions for Barbie and Kelly, Ken and Tommy dolls. Girls will love dressing their favorite sisters and brothers in matching outfits. Barbie and Shelly are dressed in matching outfits for parties, sports and going out! Ken and little brother Tommy have new matching clothes too. Evening Wear: Breathtaking, glamorous evening gowns or Barbie doll, including a beautiful bridal gown. Trend City: The trendiest styles, colors, and fabrics, complete with faux nails and decorative stickers for the little girl. Each fashion comes with three detailed fashion pieces plus matching shoes and a fashion accessory. Includes faux nails for the little girl. The nails match Barbie doll’s fashion and come with cool stickers, so girls can customize them in lots of fun ways. This is the ultimate fashion assortment! I comes with a fashion for Barbie and nails for you! Lifestyles: Each set is a complete play pattern with realistic, detailed fashions and complementary play pieces. Three fun fashions, including pet doctor, world traveler and inline skater! Kelly: Adorable mix and match fashions for Kelly doll. Three complete outfits, each with coordinating shoes. From velvet party dresses to magical dress up costumes, girls will have fun dressing up Kelly and her little friends. Shelly is so cute in each of these new outfits! Each outfit comes with accessories for the best ever Shelly looks. Teen Skipper: Fresh, hip, high school fashions for Skipper doll. Skipper’s trendy outfits really suit her. These new clothes look amazing! Accessories: Cool, realistic, detailed accessories that enhance key Fashion Avenue fashions. These new accessory packs are great for adding to Barbie’s wardrobe for those special touches! Ken: Totally cool, realistic fashions for Ken doll. Ken is smart and casual in these new looks for different daytime activities and nights out with Barbie.
Above text adapted from 1999 Mattel USA and UK Vendor Catalogs.